Live Tracking for Your Sports Events

For spectators, athletes and organizers

Broadcast your sports events live on the Internet, smartphones and social media

  • Interactive Map

    Stream your competition real-time and replay later. Present your sports event on smartphones and on computers. Keep your fans updated all over the world. Valuable information for organizing staff and for speakers. Starting from € 10.

  • Live Data Feed

    Record race data with our App, with GPS trackers same as timekeeping system based on a prediction. Continuous data stream eg. to feed graphics on TV. Complete tracking solution for event organizers and time keepers. 

  • Scalable from Private to Public

    Our tracking solution is optimized for sports events - from small private adventures to huge competitions with thousands of participants and spectators online.

  • Little Effort, Big Impact

    Grow your tracking service based on our hosted tracking portal. With your Racemap account you set-up, manage and provide your own tracking maps - no additional software.

One app for spectators and participants

Racemap Tracking App - download our app for free.

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