GPS-Tracker TK102

Image of TK102 GPS Tracker

Prepare the GPS-Tracker

The configuration works for the TK-102B by Coban. Whether the configuration works the same way for the TK102 by Xexun, is not known.

Configure tracker according to the manual with SMS commands. The configuration via user_config.ini did not work. The tracker only shows the set configuration with SMS, but is not read.

The following SMS are to be sent to the tracker. On the right is the response of the tracker.

Initial Installation of Tracker

Configuration for Racemap

After configuring the tracker should light up green for a few seconds, then flashing irregularly and after 20s flash every 2s. If the tracker flashs 2 times every second, there is no GPRS communication with the server.

OldPassword:******; (Only support 6 digits)
NewPassword:******; (Only support 6 digits)
admin:+49160yyyyyyy;******;******;******;******; (Support set 5 admin numbers)
timezone:1.00; (from -12 to 12.75);tm;tm; (APN;user;password;)
adminip:; (IP:port)
gprs:1; (0:sms,1:gprs)
tcpudp:0,0; (First:0 answer,1 no answer; Second:0 TCP,1 UDP)
sleep:0; (0:sleep time,1:sleep shock,2:sleep off)