Racemap provides live tracking for sports events.

Easy, fast and flexible.

Show sports events live, record and play back later.

Your sports event runs live in the competition player on smartphones, tablets and computers. Keep your fans at the race track and the organizing team mobile updated and spectators all over the world can follow the race.

Spectators, friends, family and colleagues keep track to your competition - live. Get Racemap » App for iPhone and Android, for free.

Choose your competition.

No registration. Sign in for live tracking just with your name and race number.

Start GPS-tracking with your Racemap » App five minutes before start.

On your pages, the thrill of the running race for your audience on the Internet. The competition player runs in an iFrame on your website or blog. In addition, you can show the Racemap on your Facebook page.
Racemap in Facebook

For special tasks Racemap also supports live tracking with GPS-Tracker. Thus, for example visualizes the race of the leaders or the position of support vehicles.

With Racemap you do easy and flexible live GPS-tracking for your sports event. Racemap streams your competition live on the Internet, on smartphones and Facebook.