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Frequently asked questions

I am Organizer or Administrator of a Sports Event

You are organizer and you want to offer your spectators and your athletes easy live tracking. You are athlete and you want to show your competition live on the Internet.

To run your event in Racemap, we need a logo (*.jpg, *.png) and the race track (*.kml, *.gpx-track). We also need to know the date, exact start time, approx end time, the length of the race and the estimated number of participants. Just get in touch with us.

  • What do you offer your spectators? Racemap is a easy solution for a live stream of your competition. So you can reach your audience everywhere with little effort. This is interesting and exciting for your spectators along the race course and those at home who want to keep track of your race.
  • How do your spectators experience your sports event? The live stream runs directly on your website, your Facebook page and on smartphones and tablets. Thus, you increase the attention in your event and the media presence for a young target group. You can also show the live stream on the competition area on screens.
  • Organization: Racemap can help you to improve your processes. You can flexibly manage and target your resources during the event.
  • Safety: Live tracking can help you to make your event safer.

Each Racemap has a unique URL e.g. That way you or your admin can easily embed the Racemap via iFrame in the source code of your website. The code looks as follows:
<iframe src="" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen style="border: none; width: 500px; height: 500px;"></iframe>.

You choose „width” and „height” of your Racemap. You also find the iFrame code on under each player.

As an administrator of a Facebook page you can include the Racemap via page tab, like this example: Racemap in Facebook.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Install Racemap page tap on your Facebook page.
  3. Return to your Facebook page and select the desired event.
  4. Refresh page and done.

The more athletes know about it, the more will join live tracking.

Inform your athletes about the live tracking through all channels e.g. event website, Facebook page, Internet forums, newsletter, press conference and press release, starting material, tell friends, Info-Flyer about live tracking (DE, EN) etc.

A special page only for live tracking helps people looking for information about tracking on your homepage. On your tracking page you can offer your athletes technical information and your spectators will quickly find the live stream. You can refer to your tracking page of Facebook and your news.

Examples for Infopages:

What information do I need to offer the athletes and spectators?

  • Athletes simply join live tracking with a smart phone (and our iPhone or Android tracking app) or with a GPS tracker.
  • Racemap » App is free to download, and using the app is free too.
  • Athletes join live tracking for a specific event in Racemap » App and test everything before the race, so everything works well during the competition.
  • Racemap works without registration. Athletes sign in for live tracking only with (nick)name and race number. You can also enter Team 1 instead of race number.
  • The GPS data is broadcasted live on the events webpage (iFrame) and Facebook page (page tab).
  • Afterwards you can replay the race in fast motion.
  • Racemap » App supports German, English, Spanish and Czech.
  • Our Raceplayer streams on smartphones, tablets and computer.
  • For better user experience at large events with many athletes in the live tracking we recommend, spectators keep track on the live stream on a computer.

The key factor is a good information to the athletes. If no one knows, nobody does live tracking.

Live tracking depends on the weather. In bad weather, the athletes decide spontaneously against live tracking, to preserve their smartphone.

Live tracking depends on local conditions, too. In the mountains or in the city, the GPS connection is less stable than in open field, because you can move in the shadow of the satellites in a canyon or next to a house. In addition, the mobile data network is not yet well developed in some areas.

Racemap is optimized for live tracking of many participants and many spectators to keep track of the competition in the live stream. Therefore, the number of participants and spectators is not limited. At very large events the live stream on smartphones is cluttered with many participants and the live stream on the computer is more comfortable.

To prepare Racemap on the server load, we want to know from you the approximate number of participants throughout the event and the number of hits on the events page last year.

You have high demands on your competition-live-tracking in terms of reliability and accuracy, and for your tasks live tracking with smartphone and tracking app is not enough. Then use GPS tracker. Racemap also supports live tracking with GPS tracker.

Racemap and Racemap » App support German and English.

Racemap is free for athletes. Racemap » App is free to download, and using the app is free too.

For organizers the price, to run their races in Racemap, is based on the size of the event (number of participants and hits on website), the duration of the event and the number of required streams. Our prices for live tracking with Racemap

What to do for good Live Tracking before the Competition

You can easily keep track of the live stream at home at your computer. The website of the sports event offers the live stream and you can find the streams of all races on Racemap. All Events

With Racemap » App you can also keep track of the live stream on your smartphone - directly at the race track and without registration.

Click „Current Events“ or „Upcoming Events“ to see all competitions in that category

Select your event and open the live stream

Keep track of the competition in the live stream

Install Racemap » App on your smartphone.

Click „Current Events“ or „Upcoming Events“ to see all competitions in that category

Select your event, sign in with (nick)-name and race number, no registration

Start GPS-tracking with your Racemap » App five minutes before start and stow smartphone properly

The Racemap event you are signed in already supports live tracking. Just test live tracking, so it works well during the competition.

  1. Install Racemap » App on your smartphone.
  2. Choose an upcoming event in Racemap » App and sign for live-tracking.
  3. Activate „GPS“ and „Mobile Data“ and start live tracking. It is important that your phone builts a GPS connection (therefor put the phone on the window sill).
  4. Your flag appears in the Racemap for that event you are performing live tracking.

Outside of the duration of the event no location data is recorded, that meens these data can not be seen in replay. You've tested live tracking and now want to be deleted from the player, just drop us an email at

Restart your smartphone before live tracking and then only use these apps you really need. Check GPS connection in settings or your flag appears in the live stream. In idle state the smartphone does not set up a GPS connection.

Battery life depends on your device (large screen due to high battery consumption), the battery (age and size) and of course your usage behavior.

  • Charge your phone completely before live tracking.
  • Stop all apps you do not necessarily need.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Use an external battery or powerbank.
  • Maybe you can manage to recharge the battery at rest points or via cigarette lighter in a support car.

For good live tracking the antenna of your tracking device must be uncoverd. Carry the device at the upper arm, in a tricot pocket, backpack lid pocket or in a bathing cap. Pack the GPS device waterproof, to protect it from moisture. Learn more

aquapac is waterproof to 5 m depth

For swimming GPS tracker in bathing cap

Activate roaming in the settings. Depending on the provider, roaming may incur additional charges. In most cases it is cheaper to book limited data volume for abroad.

Live-Tracking with Racemap » App

Racemap » App runs on iPhones and Android smartphones.

  • Required Android version: 4.0 upwards, smartphones and tablets.
  • Required iOS version: iOS 5.0 upwards, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The used data volume depends on the phone, the settings and whether other apps send data. Racemap » App consumes about 2-3 MB per hour.

Battery life depends on your device (large screen due to high battery consumption), the battery (age and size) and of course your usage behavior. With a fully charged battery you can expect a battery life of 6 hours. And with a powerbank it is extended to about 12 hours.


Live-Tracking with GPS-Tracker

From each tracker there are different versions depending on manufacturer and supplier, every version with own commands and data format.

Detailed instructions for configuration the tracker can be found here. GPS-Tracker How-To

We also want to support your GPS tracker. Use our tracker test to check if your tracker connects to our server and get in touch with us. Tracker-Test

EDGE network is needed for transmission of geo location data. The tracker can't use a different or better data network.

Racemap » Player shows you Sports Events

Racemap » Player runs on computer, tablets and smartphones and can be embedded flexibly to websites and Facebook pages. This allows you to use the player with little effort in many ways: on the Internet, mobile along the race track, on screens in the finish, ... .

The infobox shows you a list of all athletes who already signed in for live tracking with (nick)-name and race number. The infobox is on the right side of the player to expand or collapse. With the search field you can filter the list by specific name and race number.

You can select an athlete in the infobox or the flag in the Racemap (click). Name and flag are highlighted in red and the Racemap will automatically follow the flag.

You as an athlete or in a team want to show the competition-live-stream to your friends, family and colleagues. That your people find you quickly, you can pre-select yourself or use the search field in the info box. This automatically changes the URL of the player.

With these settings, you can share the player on Facbook, Twitter, via email or embed it on your web site and you're already selected in live stream to keep track of you.

Or you use the search field in advance and only your team is shown in the info box.

Yes. In Racemap you can simultaneously show multiple tracks with different colors.

Salzkammergut Trophy

Yes. Depending on requirements you can choose between Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain and Dark.

The flag will fade within three minutes. You can set the fading time.