Direct interaction with Racemap Apps

Direct interaction with Racemap Apps

Clients using our tracking solution for many events report that the growing support of participants & spectators becomes a bottleneck. Such as athletes forget to enroll their tracking key after registration or viewers don't find the visualization for a specific event etc.

Also, we know from our own end-user experience (yes, even developers are end-users, somewhere ;-) - reading instructions or spending energy to find correct settings is frustrating. We now developed a solution scaling much better with your live tracking service and providing end users a much better use flow. Deep links address specific features in Racemap Apps directly. You can integrate these links seamlessly into your processes and reduce your effort for support. Additionally, deep links improve the user experience.

Learn more about deep links in our documentation:

Racemap deep links:

  • support the use flow on smartphone and on desktop
  • provide additional QR code, users can scan with smartphone
  • detect Racemap Apps on a smartphone and activate specific features in the app